Zentai fashion show


Now zentai has been uesed for T-stage,check out the picture,you can see it is modal show and all the modals are wearing zentai with skirt,so do you think it is special?I really like this photo that i am happy zentai has became international fashion,in this way,more and more people will know zentai and even interested in it,so i think it is a good nes for zentai fans beacause there will more and more people jion into them,and the most popular costumes are lycra zentai,and all of them are wearing lycra there.


Hello,my spiderwoman costume!

Hello my little visitors … Give me candy or I’ll cast a spell. I’m trapped in my cobweb.

As every year at this time, I propose a set of pictures for Halloween. This time it’s Spiderwoman zentai costumes I offer. And I already know that some of you eagerly awaiting these photos……..

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My red spandex bodysuit


I finally got my zentai suit!
Now it says: shit do not be recognized!
Of course, only when I’m home ..
And I’ve also bought something for Halloween, a set to make up to a Zipper Face!
I’ve already totally often looked at on youtube but got on Halloween
then never found anything to do that .. I do not yet by any party, but if
There is no, I’m just like that to school!
Libby and I have then used the rest of the day as our nails and Beauty Day
made masks and smeared in the face! I love the feeling afterwards!

An talent show


Today I red I red a news that some performers wear zentai suits on a talent show,then they are welcomed by audience,zentai is not only a kind of suit but  it is useful for performers.

So why they choose zentai on show?

The reason is that zentai is special and cool,especially lycra bodysuits.